Harewood Estate

Just north of Leeds, we’re very lucky to have the Harewood Estate right on our door steps. Lot’s of country side trails to be enjoyed.

There’s a couple of routes around the house itself, you can also venture into the surrounding grounds particularly to the east. It’s all quite leisurely, nothing too technical, mostly surfaced tracks and paths through fields. A good place to start is from Eccup Reservoir and join the trail that heads North here. Follow it along and it will bring you out at the Emmerdale set (don’t get excited budding Emmerdale fans! You can’t get close, you may see the odd familiar face though). After the set, bear right or go straight on. Best bet is just to explore from here, I’ll try and get some routes posted up at a later date.

I usually link Harewood in with a loop around Roundhay, Meanwood and Gledhow.

Anti clockwise something like this, can be done either way:

  1. Harewood go North from Shadwell (you can just see the trail heading North in that link). Follow Wike Lane when you get to it and you will eventually cross Harrogate Road and go through the big gates back onto the trail
  2. Follow the trail past the Emmerdale set to here
  3. Start Meanwood Valley trail here
  4. End Meanwood Valley trail here
  5. Bit of a road ride to pick up Gledhow Valley trail here. Stay high in the woods, better trail and usually quieter
  6. Ride along Roundhay road and start Roundhay here. Keep to the east of the lake/woods. Lovely bit of trail that will eventually take you through the scouts quarry which is always good for a mess about
  7. Once out of Roundhay head north, across the ring road, back toward where we started. There’s a couple of ways to do it

Please note it is your responsibility to make sure you stay on bridleways and off footpaths. These trails are often busy at peak times, I recommend you fit a bell.