Stainburn Forest / Norwood Edge

20141014_151059Stainburn Forest, just North of Otley, is a little bit different to your average trail centre. It has three main loops, all relatively short, the longest being around 4k and all start and finish at the main car park.


Widely regarded as the UK’s most technically challenging trail,  the Warren Boulder Trail is well worth a look. Super rocky, steep downs and technical climbs, a challenge for even the best riders. If you can get round feet up, riding all the features, you’re doing well! Unfortunately earlier this year (2018) the FC harvested the woodland the trail twisted its way around. Singletraction have been busily working away reclaiming the trail and although it has lost some of its character, its still a great ride and certainly seems to ride a lot quicker than it used to.

The Red Loop is a short loop that runs from the car park to the top of the woods. Follow the climb to the top and then bare right. Starts off with some flat turns through the trees, into a decent size table top and then round some nicely built berms. Out of the woods and and over the rocky step up its then a short pedal back to the car.

The descent line runs from the very top corner of the woods, all the way to the bottom. Follow the red loop climb to the top, it starts on the left. Around a 3 minute descent, starts off tight and twisty in the woods, flat turns and berms with a couple of nice tables. Once out of the woods it opens out, rocky and fast, quite difficult to carry your speed in places. Keep at it though, once you get the hang of pumping over the rocks you’ll love it! Watch out for the boulder drop! Hit it right and you’ll be set up to clear the tables after. The trail continues down with long sweeping corners and some evil rocks. Its great fun and very rewarding when you piece together a good run. Great physical training as well, particularly when combined with the black climb back to the car park.

Decent size Pump track, right next to the car park, rides great!

And there’s more fun to be had over the road on the Norwood side. Cross over the road by the entrance to the car park (careful, its a fast road and blind bend), head through the gate, turn left and follow the climb that runs along side the road. Once you hit the surfaced track, follow it to the mast, bare right again, pick up the trail where the path ends and you are confronted by railings. Follow it from there toward the trig point. The trail isn’t marked and you may have to do a bit of exploring. It can get a bit muddy in the winter, but over summer its fantastic. Total contrast to the Stainburn side, natural, rooty and dusty!

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