Hamsterley Forest Downhill

The descend bike park within Hamsterley forest has some of the best DH trails in the North. All crammed into a reasonably small area of the forest,  very well built and maintained, well worth a look.

A real mix of runs, some fast, some tight and twisty. Plenty of senders, rocks and roots. Gets steeper the nearer the bottom you go. Full run on average takes about 2 minutes and the push up the fire road from the bottom isn’t too bad. I prefer to take the Enduro bike these days, can ride back up no worries.

Also a belting 4x track.

Slick uplift service also available, see descendbikepark.com for details.

Please note, you must pay to ride these trails, money goes back into building more trails. Use the top car park and check in at the cabin.

Hamsterley also has a great trail center loop, see here.

About 80 Minute drive from Leeds